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evalou textile

design studio



01 about

I ´m evalou.


I am a wife, mom, cat-lady, nature-lover, textile designer and the owner of a design studio in Copenhagen. I graduated from the Royal Academy KADK in 2007, during the nostalgic era when it was still known as the Danish Design School.


Since then, I have been designing and producing modern damask textiles renowned for their lasting quality. My designs draw inspiration from nature and infuse everyday life with vibrant colours.


I hope that people will adorn their tables with an evalou tablecloth on a rainy Tuesday, setting the stage for a lively family dinner.


It's all about creating a special moment around the dinner table.


03 clients

For years, I have channeled my creativity into designing for renowned brands.


I've collaborated with Le Klint to design decorated lamp shades and have drawn unique patterns for IKEA and others.


My artistic touch extends to public spaces as well, where I have decorated the walls of Rigshospitalet, Bispebjerg Hospital, Folkeuniversitetet, Michelin star restaurant Formel B and the Copenhagen Town Hall with wall-paintings and tapestries.


As a board member of the Danish Design Makers association, I've had the privilege of exhibiting my textiles globally: in Europe, America and China.


Moreover, I've recently joined the GudmeLeth-design team to breathe new life into the handprinted textiles of the Danish design legend, Marie Gudme Leth.


Over the past decade, my passion has increasingly gravitated towards my own brand, Evalou. The damask tablecloth has emerged as my canvas of choice.






My Tablecloths etc. can be purchased here:

Rungstedlund, Karen Blixen Museum

Skagens Museum

Frederiksborg Castle

The Natural History Museum in Copenhagen

Ribe Kunstmuseum

Skovgaard Museum

Sostrup Castle

Ordrupgaard Museum

Geocenter Møns Klint

Kronborg Castle

The National Museum of Denmark

Brandts Museum

and others


(the rest by Frösö, Frederiksborg Castle and evalou)

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04 contact

Textile designer Evalou Hauge

Mariendalsvej 35,3th

2000 Frederiksberg


phone +45 20788612

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